Play boxes

Workshop games in woodworking and tabletterie of art is an inescapable topic where the execution requires an experience and a perfect control. Carré d’Ébène has this added value and the sharing with many clients.


Designed with the greatest precision, our watch winders benefit from a know-how specific. Manufactured in series, our watch winders are complemented by a gainerie to way carried out in our workshops to receive watches of high quality.
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Jewelry boxes

In order to carefully preserve its finery, Carré d’Ébène heals the interior design of its boxes of luxury for the largest names in jewelry French and international. The involvement of each of the artisans of Carré d’Ébène brings his commitment and passion of his profession for a final product of a precious and rare quality.
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Cigar humidors

To keep cigars in the best conditions, a cellar to cigar is indispensable for the preservation of their quality. Our humidors enjoy wood essences unusual both for their quality of conservation that for their visual aspect of elegance.